Easter egg rocky road

This Easter egg rocky road can be made any time of the year with some delicious creamy milk chocolate, you could make if vegetarian by using veggie or vegan marshmallows.


Leftover Easter eggs (Milk Chocolate)
Corn flakes
Chocolate hearts


Melt the Easter eggs/chocolate in a microwave for 30 seconds. Put some of the marshmallows and chocolate hearts for decorating, break the rest up into smaller pieces. Mix the pieces delicately into the melted chocolate together with the cornflakes.

Cover a tray with cling film and tip the mix into it. Making sure you spread it evenly and get it into the corners. Decorate the top with the left over marshmallows and chocolate hearts. Put in the fridge to set (overnight if you can leave it that long without nibbling at it). Cut into slices or cubes to serve.